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Python For Devs

My first tech talk

Today, I had the opportunity to give a talk to a bunch of (presumably) computer science students at Carleton- thanks to Elisa and the Carleton Computer Science Society for having me! It was nice to see a bunch of students who were willing to come and listen to 1-2 hrs of talks after going to class all day.

All in all, I probably spent 4-5 hrs prepping for the talk and it was a ton of fun! I highly recommend giving tech talks(especially for local groups or students) if you have anything you want to talk about.

Slides are here, for those who are interested.

Talk summary:

Tips for software developers who want to learn Python. The theme of the talk is that Python is a language that lets you be lazy- which helps you get stuff done. Also, dunder methods(since you can’t possibly google those) a high level overview of data structures that are similar but different in Python, a little bit of tips for peering behind the curtain into the interpreter, and a few awesome, common tools everyone should know.