Julia Duimovich

I'm a software developer, I do PyCon related things, and I blog, occasionally.



This is my first blog post- sometimes I want to write stuff that’s longer than a tweet. I have also wanted to see why people have been evangelizing over static site generators for a long time. Well, those two factors have combined, so this is my first post. In no way is this a commitment to post regularly-I’ll be writing when I feel like it, so keeping a look out on Twitter for new posts will be the best way to keep track of what’s going on here. I might also write posts instead of rubber duck debugging (seems like a good strategy, right?).

Also, I’ve really enjoyed the early January year-in-review posts and have a whole lot less records about the past year than I’d like. Some of this blog’s function is purely for my own records, because we can never have too much data!

What I’m up to:

  • Learning more about Angular JS so I can write some stuff for PyCon.
  • Enjoying the piles of snow we have right outside my door.